Shop Fitting Services

Fresh, Functional, Inspiring

LC shopfitters are a frontrunner in national shop fitting services. You will find our expert teams of shopfitters all over the UK, infusing new life into each project, from refurbishments for large industrial complexes to the homiest of home additions. We help perfect all kinds of interior spaces so that they become customer-friendly, client-advantageous, and beautiful to even the most discerning eye. Some of the shop fitting services LC provides are for:.

  • Retail Shops
  • Pubs
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping centres
  • Banks and financial centres
  • Warehouses and factories

We bring a new, updated design and practicality to every job. Our focus is on providing inviting interiors with a deep customisation for each client's needs. Attractive, highly functional spaces are our strength and specialty, and you will appreciate the timely, professional way in which we carry out our work.

Our Contracting Division is proud to work in partnership with all the local authorities in our surrounding area to handily comply with codes and established regulations. Some of the showcase companies on our resume include multinational companies such as Wal Mart, Tesco, Laing o' Rourke, George Wimpy and Miller homes. In addition, we collaborate with numerous architects, as well as cutting-edge design and development companies.

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